“Not to sound rude, but acting is stupid. Everybody’s like, ‘How can you remain with a level head?’ And I’m like, ‘Why would I ever get cocky? I’m not saving anybody’s life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.

Comeback soon!

Im back on tumblr! Haha! Hello lovely followers! :”) thank you for not unfollowing me even if i was on hiatus for a good year. Hope to talk to you all soon! ^^

Btw, dont get confused. Im still a pure Angel but i just found 7 other boys who are super handsome, talented and funny as our boys. I hope you like GOT7 too :> Yayyy~~

Have to refamiliarize myself w tumblr again sooo bye! 😊👋







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umm hi guys


i made a spazz account.. and im too shy to ask for a followback. plus idk who to talk to and if its right to tweet you asking your name bc i wanna be friends w you ㅠㅠ i feel like ill annoy you like who the hell is this girl so creepy

sooo cann you PLEASE follow me on twitter hah @joenelah. I PROMISE ILL FOLLOWBACK AND TALK TO YOU RIGHT AWAY! and i wont be creepy.. just.. a bit excited.

Shit Ricky says/does

If I don’t have anything to do all day, I might not even put my pants on.


Byung taking a video after schedule, before sleeping, thinking of Angels. You’re really making us feel so special bby ♡ thank you and love you to bits!

Happy Valentines!!! Charaught. Hahaha. Happy birthday elley! ♡ We’ve only been friends for a few months and who would’ve thought that we’ll be this close? :) Im really lucky to find someone like you. (Would sound sweeter if it came from a guy noh? Lol) Thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me lagi na magaral haha! Hiyang hiya akong matulog lang pag kasama kita magaral e. Kaya ayun. Thank you for being my study buddy!!!! Thank you din for letting me experience a lot of new things with you and the other 2. Thankkk you for keeping up with my mood swings. Sana kayanin mo pa kong tiisin nang mas matagal cos I dont have plans of losing you as a friend ok? 😜hehe.

My only wish for you is to be happy. Take this from an NBSB. (LOL) Siguro lang di ka sanay na wala kang boyfriend kaya tuwing may nakikita kang lovers, sinasabi mo, “Bakit wala akong boyfriend? :(” pero you know naman na it’s not just boyfriends who can make you happy and feel loved. Andito naman kaming friends mo. Your parents. Trust me. Sobrang pinagpala ka sa magulang. Makuntento ka na muna sa Papa mo for now ok? :) dadating din si the one. Let us wait patiently. Haha! Yun! Enjoy your day! Ofc you will! Last day of quizzes na ngayon e yayyy!!! 😊 Happy birthday bebe! Love you alwayssss! 😋😙

Purple and pretty 💜💜💜

Finallehhhhh!!! First ever college friends ♡ hihi. Camille ha. @camsfajardo pag bumalik ka uli sa AMV after a month tas buhay pa ko, lilibre talaga kita ice cream! Promise! HAHAHA! Next time uli pangets! 😋😙💞

Feel very free to skip thus post. I just need to let this all out ok

LOVE LOVE SCENE KA PA DYAN SAKAL U WANT?!!!!! HOW DARE YOU BREAK MY HEART LIKE THIS TAPOS YOU KNOW WHO’S IN MY HEART KA PA PACUTE PACUTE KA PA!! DI BALE SANA KUNG KINISS MO DIN AKO EH! Im happy for you naman that you made it to the big screen faster than the other members even byung. Pero <////3 masakit talaga :’(( bby Y U DO THIS HUHU OTL